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The Complete Finally Series Audio Bundle Up

The Complete Finally Series Audio Bundle Up

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Intro Into Chapter One

She was doing her best to act brave, but I could see through it. She was scared shitless.

Rumor had it she’d gone back to school to finish her degree after all this time. It made me proud. Again, a pride I had no right to feel.

Still. I never agreed with her dropping out of school. If she’d been mine—it didn’t matter.

What mattered was she was doing it. Where she had found the money for that, I had no idea.

College courses had only gotten more expensive over the years, and she’d had a hard time making tuition when we were young. Money would be a problem, definitely.

That wasn’t a secret. Nor was it a secret that she needed more of it. And she needed this job.

Maybe that made me every bit the douche bag I was acting like at the moment, but I couldn’t help it.

I opened my mouth to say—what? I wasn’t completely sure—when her tongue darted out and licked her bottom lip.


She was turned on. At least I thought she was. Maybe it was just the fear of the situation, and what I might do about it.

But…maybe it was more. Was it me? Did she still have…it didn’t matter. My fingers yearned to slide up those smooth, bare legs to dip under that tiny skirt and see if I still had the same effect on her.

I didn’t need to wonder; I knew. Because I knew this woman. I knew her fifteen years ago in so many ways. Even if it wasn’t all of the ways I would have liked. Or for as long as I would have liked. Still, I knew her.

The flash in her eyes and the flare in her nostrils confirmed it.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I said before I could stop myself. She crossed her arms over her now heaving bosom, which had the delicious effect of pushing her breasts up and together.

No doubt, she knew exactly what she was doing. “I won’t say a word about what I saw and you can keep your job.”


She wasn’t stupid. I liked that about her. There was always an if.

“If you agree to my conditions.”

My mind worked overtime to build those conditions in my head before I said them out loud. But I didn’t need to think long. I knew what I wanted. What I’ve always wanted.


Her stubbornness was intoxicating.

“You’re mine for the weekend.”

Abigail took a step back, her mouth opening in an O as shock registered all over her face. I was certain that even from where I stood, I could smell her desire on the air between us.


Was it my imagination, or did her voice tremble a little bit?

“There’s an event at the club this weekend, and I need a date.”

“A date?”

“Are you going to repeat everything I say?”

Her lips pressed into a thin line, but she didn’t say no, so I doubled down.

“I need a date, and it will be you. Plus dinner the night before, and breakfast Sunday morning.”

Her eyes widened.

“All weekend.”

Abigail opened her mouth to object to my little indecent proposal, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had.

Hell, I even surprised myself with my boldness.

Still, I did not want her to say no, so I delivered my final blow. I knew I was being an ass, but I couldn’t stop myself. She always had such an effect on me. “Or I’ll report you to management.”

Her lips pressed shut again and she squeezed her eyes together, but just for a moment before looking at me again.

Her eyes grew dark with what was no doubt a combination of anger and desire. Maybe more anger in this case.

“I’m not a prostitute.” Her words were clipped. “I am not for sale.”


I was not trying to imply such a thing. Not at all. But the second I paused long enough to think it through, I could see—dammit.

I swallowed hard, but kept my composure. She couldn’t say no. I needed her to say yes.

“Of course you’re not,” I said slowly. “And I’m not suggesting anything…” I waved my hand between us lamely. “Just think of it as old friends helping each other out.”

Her eyes narrowed, but still, she didn’t say no.

“Old friends don’t bribe each other.”

“Old friends don’t steal from each other.”

Our eyes locked.

“Think about it,” I said after a moment. “I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. I’ll expect an answer. Spend the weekend with me, or I report the theft to management.”

“I didn’t admit to taking anything.”

I grinned. “You didn’t have to. I know you took it, Abigail.”

“It’s Abby.” She bit her bottom lip and sighed, the first sign of her letting her guard down even a little bit. “What am I supposed to do? Daniel took…well, I don’t have to tell you.”

Something inside me softened at the show of her vulnerability, but I shook my head. I couldn’t lose sight of what I was trying to do. Even if I didn’t fully understand it myself yet.

“Tomorrow.” I looked her in the eyes so I knew she understood, turned, and walked out.

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A sexy rendezvous with a stranger? Naughty hookup in the office with your rival? A one night stand? An indecent proposal you can't say no to?
No one knows what you need better than your girlfriends. And we all needed one thing.
So, we made a pact.

Take a chance. Have a little fun. And, let go. Finally.



Finally Yours

We have unfinished business. I owe him a debt. And there's only one way to repay it.

Finally Mine

I'm a middle aged single mom with no business climbing on the back of a stranger's motorbike. But when he touches me…all bets are off.


Finally Fell

An office romance is never a good idea. Especially with a man like him. But who said anything about romance? This is just fun and games…until it isn't.

Finally Forever

A cowboy and a single mom.

No strings. No commitments. No problem…

Until it is.


Finally Free

Go with the flow. Have fun. Stay true to yourself. And above all else, remember…no relationships. Ever.

**Please note: These audiobooks are digitally produced and auto-narrated by Mike & Michelle**

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