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Keep On Loving You

Keep On Loving You

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Her brother's best friend: the only man she's ever wanted. And the only one she can never have.
Andy Fisher is moving back to his hometown for his career. Not for his best friend’s little sister, no matter how hot the chemistry between them is. After all, he has a reputation – earned or not – that makes pursuing anything real with her completely off the table. Not only would he get his ass kicked, he’d risk losing the only family he’s ever known.

Despite her over protective older brothers standing in the way, Kat Carlson has always wanted what she can't have, and this time it's Andy. When Kat comes to him with the series of tasks her late father’s will stipulates she must do to receive her inheritance, Andy knows it’s a terrible idea to offer to help. But that doesn’t mean he won’t…

Working with Kat to complete her bucket list complicates their already messy situationship. And when the last task is done, their deal to part ways for good suddenly feels like the hardest task of all.


A Brother's Best Friend, First Love, Secret Relationship, Small Town Romance

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