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The Ultimate Happily Ever After Book Bundle

The Ultimate Happily Ever After Book Bundle

Save 40% on NINE Books—FIVE Bonus Scenes—ONE Bonus Book

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  • Everyone arrives at Ever After Ranch for one reason only—their dream wedding set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.
    For better or worse, identical twins, Faith and Hope Turner are tasked with making those dreams come true, along with a little help from their friends and family in the small town of Glacier Falls.

    But not everyone is sure of their love story, and in a town where love is big business, are there enough happy ever afters to go around?

  • Heartbreak hasn't stopped Hope Turner from crafting others' dream weddings. When Levi Langdon returns after ten years, he's ready to prove their love can bloom again.

    But just as Hope dares to dream of her own happily ever after, unforeseen news threatens to shatter it all.
    Is their bond strong enough to withstand the test of time twice?

  • There's only one thing Billionaire Damon Banks wants that he doesn't already have—his childhood home. But there's a catch: it must be sold to a married couple. His solution? Katie Langdon, his childhood best friend agrees to pose as his fiancée. Simple, until fake feelings start feeling all too real. As their pretend wedding looms, they must untangle their true emotions or risk losing a genuine chance at love.

  • Widow Sarah Lewis has guarded her heart while raising her child, swearing off the risk of new love. Yet, Brody Morris, the new charismatic chef and her unexpected best friend, stirs more than just culinary success. As Sarah's resolve wanes, a romance beyond friendship blooms, challenging her to embrace vulnerability for a second chance at love. But it's not just her heart at stake this time; it's her daughter's too.


No Patience Required!

The Ever After series is complete with NINE books!
This means you don't need to wait to see what happens next or find out what happened to your favorite couple!
You can binge all nine books or draw out your enjoyment. It's up to you!
This exclusive bundle includes the entire series PLUS five exclusive bonus scenes!

  • Logan Langdon has always been after Faith Turner's heart, but she doesn't want love, especially not with cocky Logan. To get him off her back, Faith bets that she can pretend they're a happy couple to win a big job. If she's right, Logan promises to stop chasing her. But as they play the part, the line between pretense and reality blurs, challenging Faith to admit her feelings or risk losing her shot at love.

  • Jeremy Davis, a dedicated firefighter, is content in Glacier Falls with friends, work, and a new love blooming. Bella Burton, meanwhile, is on the cusp of realizing her musical dreams. Their budding romance faces a crossroads: she could achieve her goals but might have to leave Jeremy and the small-town life he adores. Choosing between love and dreams, Bella stands at the brink of a heart-wrenching decision.

  •  Playboy billionaire Nick Newton's life changes when he unexpectedly becomes a single dad to a baby girl who quickly wraps him around his little finger. To win her custody, he convinces Charlotte Davis to be his fake fiancé.  As Nick falls for both Charlotte and his daughter, they face a perfect storm when their ruse risks becoming reality, threatening more than their love.

Welcome to Town

Tucked into the wilds of the rugged and gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Canada is the tight-knit, small town of Glacier Falls and Ever After Ranch. Known for picturesque mountain views, a stunning waterfall in the heart of town, and—most importantly—being the most romantic wedding destination around, Glacier Falls is a small town you will definitely want to put on your ‘must-visit’ list. 

 Get ready to fall in love with and the wilds of British Columbia, Canada and Glacier Falls, where happily ever after is more than just a fairy tale.

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