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Accidental Gifts

Accidental Gifts

She isn't who she pretends to be. He's falling for a lie. Is their connection strong enough for the truth?

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Tess has spent her whole life playing it safe and she likes it that way. Mostly. But sometimes life doesn't go according to plan and with her emergency fund dwindling, Tess has no choice but to pose as a consultant for an adventure center. It's the exact opposite of playing it safe, but how hard could it be?

It isn't hard for Max to see that the woman hired to consult on his new project might be gorgeous, but she is most definitely not an expert in outdoor adventure centers. He should call her on her lie, but there's something about her that he can't resist.

Keeping to her story gets harder than Tess expected, especially as her feelings for Max start to grow. She can't keep it up much longer, but telling the truth could ruin everything—including the chance for love.

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