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Because You Loved Me Audio

Because You Loved Me Audio

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Temporarily exiled from his company and his life, Asher Carlson was on his way to nurse his wounds in a remote mountain cabin, alone. The last thing he expected was a bride to jump in the cab of his truck. The same beautiful blonde he’d almost hooked up with the night before.


Marrying her best friend would be good for everyone. Except Noa Briggs. Not that she didn’t love him. She did. Just not the way you were supposed to love the man you married and when the bridal march began to play, she ran.


Alone together in a cabin with only one bed, the spark between them is quickly heating up and the connection they share is unlike anything either of them thought possible.


But they can’t ignore the real world forever and it doesn’t take long to become clear that they won’t be able to hide from reality or their feelings for much longer.

**Please note: This is a digitally narrated product

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