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Castle Mountain Lodge: The Complete Collection

Castle Mountain Lodge: The Complete Collection

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NINE complete books—ONE Great price!

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He didn’t think she would agree to it. It was a spur-of-the-moment offer to share his villa with her, but she was stranded, and kind of an old friend, and besides, he was alone. Colin was determined to make this Christmas the best he’d had in years. With his recent history, it wasn’t going to be hard to top the past, but having Andi around, even temporarily, would definitely make things more interesting. 

Colin swiped the card in the key lock and held the door open for Andi. 

“Thank you.” She swept past him, her arm brushing his chest. “Sorry,” she said, turning around to look at him. The slight touch—despite the barriers of thick coats—had sparked something, and he could tell by the look in her eyes that she’d felt it too. 

He shrugged and Andi turned to enter the villa. 

Colin assumed since she’d received a promo invitation from her company, that she’d been on the receiving end of many such offers, and had probably seen her fair share of elegant accommodations. Even so, how could she not be impressed with the room? He had to make a dedicated effort to keep his own mouth from hanging open in shock as he entered behind her, followed by the bellboy with a trolley of her luggage. 

A smaller scale of the lobby in the main building, this room was two stories of vaulted, wood beam ceilings. A fire had been laid in the rock work fireplace and there was even a Christmas tree, fully decorated, in the center of the window. With the snow still falling outside, the room looked like it belonged on a greeting card. 

“What do you think?” he asked Andi. “Have you been here before?”

She turned to face him but he couldn’t read the expression on her face. 

“I’ve stayed at the Lodge before, but never in a villa. This is…” She stopped and spun slowly, encompassing the room with her arms. “Amazing,” she finished. When she stopped moving, she stood in front of him, and he was rewarded with a smile on her face that made her eyes sparkle. He realized he hadn’t seen such an honest smile from her yet. It was gorgeous. “I could do without all the decorations, though,” she added.

“I must admit,” he said. “I didn’t expect anything like this either. But I like it.” He watched for her reaction, and added, “And I think the Christmas decorations are a nice touch.” 

“Sir,” the bellboy said, interrupting them. “Which room shall I put the bags in?”

Colin turned. He’d forgotten the bellboy was still there. “Oh.” He glanced at Andi, who was now standing at the window, staring outside. “You can put them all in the master suite,” he said to the boy, “except the duffle bag. Choose another room for that one.” 

The bellboy nodded and turned to carry out his duty, but not before Colin noticed the look on his face. No doubt the kid was likely thinking that if he had a woman as beautiful as Andi in his villa, there would not be separate rooms involved. 

“Make yourself at home,” Colin said to Andi. “I really don’t want you to feel like a guest. Please just think of it as your space.”

She turned away from the window at the sound of his voice. He couldn’t be sure, but it looked like she was fighting back tears. “Thank you,” she said. “I mean it, Colin. You didn’t have to do this. But I really appreciate you letting me stay here. I don’t think I could—“

“Will there be anything else, sir?” the bellboy asked, appearing at Colin’s side. “Would you like me to show you the controls for the hot tub?”

“There’s a hot tub?” he asked.

“Of course, sir. On the deck. It’s quite simple to use.”

“I’m sure it is,” Colin said. “I think we’ll be fine. Thank you.”

He handed over a twenty-dollar bill and the boy disappeared. 

Colin wanted to finish the conversation with Andi. He wanted to know more about why she was here, why she wasn’t with Blaine, and just more about her, period. But when he turned his attention back to her, she was in the small kitchen, searching through the cupboards. 

He watched her for a minute before asking, “Looking for something?” 

She looked up and smiled. “Did you know they stocked the fridge? You have quite the spread here.”

“You mean, we have. I told you, this is your place too.”

A look crossed over her face. “You know,” she said. “I just realized that I didn’t get a chance to ask you about your situation. Won’t your girlfriend be upset that I’m here?”

Colin crossed his arms. She was obviously fishing for information, and by the smirk on her pretty face, she already knew the answer to her question.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he said. “Women are nothing but trouble.” Her smile faltered a little at his gruffness and he immediately softened his tone. “I prefer to be single. Besides, there isn’t room for women in my life, at least not for anything long-term.” 

“Well, I guess that’s good then,” she said. “I wouldn’t want some jealous woman chasing after me.” Her smile was back, teasing him, sparking something inside him. 

There was no way that Blaine’s ex would be interested in a little festive fling. Would she? Colin pushed the thought from his mind. It didn’t matter how attracted to her he was. Some things were off-limits.

“Are you hungry?” he said, and pointed to the jar of almonds she’d pulled out of the cupboard. “We could go find one of the restaurants, or if there’s something to cook here…or, maybe you don’t want to spend all your time with me. I’m sure you have something you want to be doing. After all, you didn’t plan on spending your holidays with a stranger.” As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he realized how much he hoped she didn’t have any other plans. What was it about this woman? He’d never been so unsure of himself around the ladies.

Colin waited while Andi walked around the kitchen island, back into the living room. She looked like she wanted to say something, but instead, she stopped and said, “You know, you’re right. I should probably get my things unpacked.”

“Of course.” He pointed her towards the room the bellboy had put her bags in and watched her go down the hall. As soon as she was out of sight, Colin wished she were back. It had been a very long time since a woman had stirred such intense feelings in him and intrigued him so completely. The last time had been a very long time ago. 

And remember how well that turned out? he reminded himself. No, he wouldn’t get involved. No matter how strong the pull towards her might be.

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Fall in Love at Castle Mountain Lodge with this mega bundle of NINE full length sweet romance novels PLUS a bonus novella!


The Collection includes all the Books in the best-selling Castle Mountain Lodge Series plus a bonus short story, and is over 1000 pages of romance, love stories and happy ever afters set in the stunning Canadian Rockies!


Unexpected Gifts (Book 1)
Snowed in for Christmas…She only wants to ignore it. But he’s determined to show her everything the season has to offer…including love.
Hidden Gifts (Book 2)
A single dad in over his head. A woman determined to protect her heart. A little girl who needs them both. Is love strong enough to heal them all? 

Unexpected Endings (Bonus Novella)
Return to the beautiful, rustic and romantic Castle Mountain Lodge and catch up with Andi and Colin who prove that sometimes Unexpected Gifts have equally Unexpected Endings.
Mistaken Gifts (Book 3)
A high maintenance city girl. A rough around the edges cowboy. Sparks will fly…but will opposites really attract?
Secret Gifts (Book 4) 
A sexy movie star with a secret. The woman hired to protect him from himself. An attraction they never expected—and can't deny.
Goodbye Gifts (Book 5)
He's not looking for anything serious. She likes things just the way they are. Falling in love couldn’t come at a worse time.
Tempting Gifts (Book 6)
She's looking for a fresh start. He's not looking at all. The last thing either of them expects—is the other.
Holiday Gifts (Book 7)
He's given up on the idea of love. She's a busy mom who wants to give her daughter the world. Is it the magic of the season…or is love really the best present of all?

Promised Gifts (Book 8)
She was in love with her brother's best friend. He broke her heart. Time heals…but is it enough for a second chance?
Accidental Gifts (Book 9)
She isn't who she pretends to be. He's falling for a lie. Is their connection strong enough for the truth?

Author note: These heartwarming stories are full of sweet 'closed door' romance and happy ever after endings all set in the stunning Canadian Rockies.
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