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Cherishing Happily Ever After

Cherishing Happily Ever After

A sexy, brooding cowboy. A gorgeous, talented movie star. Nothing about them makes sense.

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Gorgeous. Talented. And the hottest movie star around, Stephanie Starz has it all. Except love. Everyone around her is finding their perfect match and settling down. It's her turn. Too bad the only man she's attracted to has spent his entire life avoiding commitment of any kind.


A lifetime of being left behind has left Travis Bishop with scars and a vow to never let himself get hurt again. He's never been tempted to break that vow…until Stephanie. For months, he's attempted to keep his feelings and growing desire for the fiery red head at bay but it's a battle he's quickly losing.


When a freak storm strands them together in a cozy log cabin, it doesn't take long for Travis to realize his feelings can no longer be denied. Now, if only he could convince Stephanie that the attraction between them goes far beyond just physical, he might just have a chance.

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