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Fighting His Fate

Fighting His Fate

A lone wolf. A fiercely spirited female. They share one unwavering belief: avoiding a mate at all costs. But fate has a way of rewriting all the rules.

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Cast out of his pack and rejected by his mate, Nolan’s only focus is on carving out a new, solitary life for himself in the remote wilderness of Predator Peak seeking sanctuary from past failures. That is until she steps into his world.

 Fiercely independent, strong enough to stand her ground, and with a body that sends his inner wolf spiraling into overdrive, Nolan knows he’s in trouble the moment he lays eyes on Ivy. His wolf roars to life with an intense single-minded focus. He isn’t just attracted to Ivy, he needs her.

The pull between them proves to be too strong for either of them to resist and when they finally give in to their instincts, the connection between them is it’s more than either of them expected. But even a fated mate pairing requires sacrifice, and soon Nolan must once more face an impossible choice. Loyalty and duty to the pack he vowed to protect? Or his fated mate and the future he never dreamed he could have?


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