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Finally Mine Audio

Finally Mine Audio

I'm a middle aged single mom with no business climbing on the back of a stranger's motorbike. But when he touches me…all bets are off.

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A middle aged, overworked single mom barely keeping my head above water, I'm hardly living my best life. 

He's a rough around the edges biker who can't be anything but trouble, and he's looking at me as if I'm the sexiest woman alive. 

Maybe I shouldn't have said yes, but I needed a ride home.

And he offered.

On two conditions:

  1. Hold on.
  2. Let go.

It was dangerous, but I was due for a little danger, and when he touched me…all bets were off. I would climb on the back of his bike every night for the rest of my life if he'd make me feel that way again.
And again.

He lights up every part of me.

Even my heart.

But I don’t know anything about him. And when I find out…

Everything changes because I no longer know who or what to trust anymore.

And if I don’t figure it out soon, I will lose everything.

**Finally Mine is digitally produced and is auto-narrated by Mike & Michelle**

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