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His to Seduce Audio

His to Seduce Audio

Fated mates? No way! Fiercely independent, she's determined to deny their attraction. He's just as determined to change her mind.

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Strong and independent, Chloe's never needed anyone, especially a man. The idea of a partner—especially a mate—only sounds like a distraction. Besides, she's never met anyone worth the time.

That is until her work as an environmental researcher takes her to Grizzly Ridge and puts her directly in the path of way too sexy, way too intense, Grizzly shifter, Luke Jackson. He drives her own instincts wild and the attraction between them is almost too much to control. Maybe just once will be enough?

Chloe’s determined to get him out of her system, something that turns out to be a whole lot easier said than done. But when she makes a discovery that changes everything and could ruin the Jackson brothers and the Ridge, not only is her professionalism put to the test—so is her heart.

**His to Seduce is digitally produced and is auto-narrated by Mike & Michelle**

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