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Small Town Starter Pack

Small Town Starter Pack

50% off SEVEN Books

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Exclusive Small Town Starter Pack Includes: SEVEN Complete Books to Welcome You to Town! 

Get to know the breathtaking and magical mountain towns full of love with this small town starter pack! 



 Each book is the first in an exciting series:

Summer of Change

He's used to getting what he wants. And he wants her. Successful, handsome and too damn charming for his own good—he's perfect. The only problem? Letting him in could destroy everything she knows and loves.

Love in the Moment

She can’t get over the past. He's falling for a lie. Is their love strong enough to survive the truth?

Choosing Happily Ever After

He broke her heart once. She's never given up on him. Can their hearts survive a second chance at love?

Never Let Me Go

She's the sunshine to his and suddenly six months of exile doesn't seem so bad.

Unexpected Gifts

Snowed in for Christmas…She only wants to ignore it. But he’s determined to show her everything the season has to offer…including love.

When We Left

She needs a fresh start.He's not the same man.Can a second chance heal their hurt?

Finally Yours

They have unfinished business, so when he makes her a sexy indecent proposal, there's no way she can turn it down. Especially if a second chance at love is on the table.

These seven books range in heat level, but the one thing they have in common is satisfying stories and happy ever afters.
Low heat - Unexpected Gifts, When We Left
Medium heat - Summer of Change, Love in the Moment, Never Let Me Go, Choosing Happily Ever After
High heat - Finally Yours

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