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Tempting Gifts

Tempting Gifts

She's looking for a fresh start. He's not looking at all. The last thing either of them expects—is the other.

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Lisa's ready to get serious about her career in child care, and more importantly, herself. She's not about to let anything—or anyone—get in the way, including the uncle of one of her charges. It doesn't matter how handsome and funny he is. It's not worth her job.


Jason's not happy about being stuck in the mountains for a family reunion, but the beautiful woman whose been put in charge of his nephew is a fun distraction. Besides, flirting is safe because the last thing he wants is a relationship.


 When their concern for the little boy they both care about forces the two of them together, will they let their walls down long enough to see that what they’ve both been avoiding just might be the one thing that they both need most?

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