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The Springs Small Town Audio Bundle

The Springs Small Town Audio Bundle

Listen to The Complete Series—55% Off!

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Summer of Change— Samantha is struggling to keep her small town bar afloat and the last thing she needs is new business owner, Trent moving in and changing everything—including her feelings about love. 

Falling into Forever—Kari is on the run from her life when she stumbles into town, and Rhys. She never expected to fall for the handsome officer. She also never expected her secrets to come to light. Will they destroy everything? 

Second Glances—When a mysterious invitation to the exclusive island of Eden arrives, Kylie must decide between the love she thought she wanted, and the one she needs.

Winter’s Burn— As a single mom, Beth has always put her daughter first, but she can’t help feel that something is missing and sexy rockstar, Slade Black might be just the thing. But when Beth sets aside her responsibilities and takes a chance on him, the consequences might be more than either of them can handle.

Midnight Springs—Bria is adamant that she will save her Grandmother from being swindled by an upscale resort. What she’s not expecting is to fall for the beauty
of the mountains and rough around the edges, Jax, an up and coming
chef with decisions of his own to make. Will one of them involve Bria?

 She’s Making A List—When Samantha's best friend announces that she's finally set a date for her own wedding...and it's only a week away—on Christmas Day, of course Samantha is excited. But she's also
envious...just a little. Especially because the most romantic destination in the Rockies—Castle Mountain Lodge—is chosen as the venue. 

Summit of Desire—Kylie & Malcolm had their happy ever after. Or did they? When insecurity and doubt begin the threaten their relationship, will Kylie be able to overcome her self sabotage in time to discover who she is and what she really wants—before she loses everything?

Summit of Seduction—With her life and responsibilities already threatening to overwhelm her, the last thing Cynthia needs in her life is a man. Despite her determination to keep him at arms length, there’s something about Seth that keeps her coming back. But how will they navigate their new future when Cynthia discovers a truth that will rock both of their worlds? 

Summit of Passion—Deanna has a crazy plan to get out of town for good. A plan that requires Marcus to pretend to be in love with her. The only problem is the history the two of them share and the passion that still
smoulders between them. Now they both must decide if the lives they thought they wanted is worth sacrificing a second chance at love.

Sneak Peek from Summer of Change

“It wouldn’t kill you to be nice to me, you know?”

That got her attention, and she hopped up from her chair, her cheeks blazing. “Nice to you?” She stepped closer. “You want me to be nicer to you? How about you stop trying to ruin my life and just leave me alone?”

“Whoa.” Trent put the glass of water down. “That’s what you think I’m doing?” Although he was definitely not trying to ruin her life, he also knew that since Samantha had managed to get under his skin, he was most certainly not going to be leaving her alone. “You think I’m trying to ruin your life?”

She put her hands on her hips, which only managed to pull her t-shirt tighter across her chest. Trent’s groin twitched in response. Did she have no idea what kind of effect she had on men at all?

“What else would you be doing?” she snapped. “First you build this…” she waved her arm in the air searching for a word, finally settling on, “monstrosity.”

Monstrosity? The Springs was a lot of things, but it was far from a monstrosity.

“And then you push your way into my best friend and her daughter’s lives, and don’t even get me started about the way you’re totally ruining this town. And now this? What do you think you’re up to, bringing a band in for the festival? The festival is mine. Cedar Springs is mine, and you need to…you need to leave.”

Despite the fact that she was yelling at him, or maybe it was because of that fact, he closed the distance between them and put his hands on her shoulders. She shivered under his touch but didn’t push him away.

“You don’t want me to leave.”

“Yes.” Her breath hitched. “I do.”

“No you don’t.” And to prove his point, he bent and let his lips meet hers. She stiffened, but still didn’t push him away. With great restraint, he moved as slowly as he could make himself. He threaded one hand behind her head to the base of her ponytail and pulled her in while his mouth worked hers. Seconds later, he was rewarded by her yielding, as all at once Samantha softened and gave in to him.

She tasted sweet, almost like honey. A direct contradiction of her strong attitude, the juxtaposition was intoxicating. In a perfect world, he would have kissed her all day, because holding her in his arms and tasting her sweetness was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. But it wasn’t a perfect world, and if he didn’t stop, he wouldn’t be held responsible for where his actions would lead him next.

Reluctantly and with his entire body straining with objection, Trent pulled away, gently sucking on her bottom lip as he did. Samantha immediately bit her lip, but instead of lowering her gaze or pushing away from him, her eyes locked on his. He still held her close. It took all the willpower he could muster to not pull her back into him again and show her exactly what being in her presence did to him.

“I’m not going to apologize for that.” He may have released her lips, but his arms were still wrapped firmly around her, reluctant to let her go.

“I didn’t ask you to.” Samantha’s eyes challenged him, and he met their challenge with one of his own.

“Have dinner with me tonight.”

A flicker of something crossed her face. And Trent was so certain she’d say yes, especially after that kiss that was loaded with all kinds of feelings, that when a moment later she said no, it took all the control he had to keep from throwing her over his shoulder like a caveman and hauling her out then and there.

“We both need to eat.”

“I have a date.” Her words sent a shock through his system so that he dropped his arms and took a step back.

“Another time, then.” In an effort to regain control of both himself and the conversation, he turned away and returned to his glass of water. He drank slowly while he stared out the window.

When he turned around, Samantha had moved safely out of reach and crossed her arms across her chest again, effectively putting up the walls around her once more. “I still want you to butt out of the festival,” she said. “That didn’t change anything.”

She was wrong. That kiss had changed everything.

Full List of Books Included

✓ Summer of Change

✓ Falling into Forever

✓ Second Glances

✓ Winter’s Burn

✓ Midnight Springs

✓ She’s Making a List

✓ Summit of Desire 

✓ Summit of Seduction

✓ Summit of Passion 

✓ Fighting for Forever (Free Bonus Story!)

* Bonus Scene: Winter’s Burn

* Bonus Scene: Summit of Seduction

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Exclusive Complete Collection Includes:
Complete Books & ONE Bonus Story


Get the entire Springs series in one bundle! Each one a stand alone romance with a guaranteed happy ever after ending about a group of 'found family'. 


This is the perfect bundle if you like to lose yourself in a cast of characters that become family in a small mountain town nestled in a mountain valley on the edge of a crystal clear lake...a ski resort up the exclusive new spa... the town of Cedar Springs has it all! (Including ALL the happy ever afters!)


★★★★★ "You just cannot help but love this town and the people!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ "You won't be sorry you picked up this book! I couldn't put it down!" ~ Amazon Reviewer


This Offer At This LOW Price Is Not Available Anywhere Else!


*Please Note: This is a digitally narrated product

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