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The Supreme Ebook Bundle

The Supreme Ebook Bundle

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A sexy rendezvous with a stranger? Naughty hookup in the office with your rival? A one night stand? An indecent proposal you can't say no to?

No one knows what you need better than your girlfriends. And we all needed one thing.

So, we made a pact.

Take a chance. Have a little fun. And, let go. Finally.

Start with Book 1...and a sexy second chance

Finally Yours —We have unfinished business. I owe him a debt. And there's only one way to repay it.

Then move onto the next friend to take the bet...

Finally Mine I'm a middle aged single mom with no business climbing on the back of a stranger's motorbike. But when he touches me…all bets are off.

 Finally Fell—An office romance is never a good idea. Especially with a man like him. But who said anything about romance? This is just fun and games…until it isn't.

Finally Forever—A cowboy and a single mom No strings. No commitments.
No problem…
Until it is.

 Finally Free—Go with the flow. Have fun. Stay true to yourself. And above all else, remember…no relationships. Ever.

Then it's time to take a trip to Paradise

Shelter by the Sea -
He’s determined to leave his past behind. She’s committed to a new and better future. But a guarded heart and an inability to trust may be too much to overcome, even in paradise.

Escape to the Sun - Paradise is the perfect place to hide, but can a troubled past ever be left behind?

Hidden in the Sand - A small-town girl with trust issues. A Hollywood super star with one hell of a reputation. A picture perfect ending? Or will it be nothing but trouble in Paradise?

 Get 8 Books In Two Complete Series for 45% Off!

Plus Get Three Exclusive Bonus Scenes And A Bonus Novella

**This deal is not available anywhere else!**

“You’re mine for the weekend.”
Abigail took a step back, her mouth opening in an O as shock registered all over her face. I was certain that even from where I stood, I could smell her desire on the air between us.
Was it my imagination, or did her voice tremble a little bit?
“There’s an event at the club this weekend, and I need a date.”
“A date?”
“Are you going to repeat everything I say?”
Her lips pressed into a thin line, but she didn’t say no, so I doubled down.
“I need a date, and it will be you. Plus dinner the night before, and breakfast Sunday morning.”
Her eyes widened.
“All weekend.”
Abigail opened her mouth to object to my little indecent proposal, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had.
Hell, I even surprised myself with my boldness.
Still, I did not want her to say no, so I delivered my final blow. I knew I was being an ass, but I couldn’t stop myself. She always had such an effect on me. “Or I’ll report you to management.”
Her lips pressed shut again and she squeezed her eyes together, but just for a moment before looking at me again.
Her eyes grew dark with what was no doubt a combination of anger and desire. Maybe more anger in this case.
“I’m not a prostitute.” Her words were clipped. “I am not for sale.”
I was not trying to imply such a thing. Not at all. But the second I paused long enough to think it through, I could see—dammit.
I swallowed hard, but kept my composure. She couldn’t say no. I needed her to say yes.
“Of course you’re not,” I said slowly. “And I’m not suggesting anything…” I waved my hand between us lamely. “Just think of it as old friends helping each other out.”
Her eyes narrowed, but still, she didn’t say no.
“Old friends don’t bribe each other.”
“Old friends don’t steal from each other.”
Our eyes locked.
“Think about it,” I said after a moment. “I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. I’ll expect an answer. Spend the weekend with me, or I report the theft to management.”
“I didn’t admit to taking anything.”
I grinned. “You didn’t have to. I know you took it, Abigail.”
“It’s Abby.” She bit her bottom lip and sighed, the first sign of her letting her guard down even a little bit. “What am I supposed to do? Daniel took…well, I don’t have to tell you.”
Something inside me softened at the show of her vulnerability, but I shook my head. I couldn’t lose sight of what I was trying to do. Even if I didn’t fully understand it myself yet.
“Tomorrow.” I looked her in the eyes so I knew she understood, turned, and walked out.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Things are about to sizzle!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This book has it all! Drama! Heat! Chemistry!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Makes you feel warm all over.”

Books Included in this Series

☑ Finally Yours

☑ Finally Mine

☑ Finally Fell

☑ Finally Forever

☑ Finally Free

 When you're finished with The Finally Series take a trip to the beaches of Panama where things are about to heat up 


“Archer, I—”

“Cass, this thing between us, it’s—”

“Not happening.”

“Why are you fighting it?”

“I’m not.” She looked down so he couldn’t see her eyes. “There’s nothing between us, Archer.”

She was lying. There was no doubt about it, but despite the fact that he knew it, her words felt like a shot in the gut.

“Look at me.” She looked up, but her eyes didn’t quite meet his. Instead, they were fixed on some point just over his shoulder. “Now tell me there’s nothing between us. Tell me you don’t feel the same way I do. Tell me that your body doesn’t—”

“Nothing.” She shook her head slightly. “We’re just friends, Archer. We work together and that’s it.”


She looked at him then, her eyes wide with surprise at his vehemence.

“What about earlier?” He needed her to admit to the lie. He needed her to admit that when he’d been kissing her, touching her, making her moan in pleasure, there had definitely been something there between them. They both knew it; he just needed to hear it from her. “You weren’t faking one second of that, Cass. You know there’s something between us and—”

“That shouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry.” Again, her voice was practiced, almost clinical. “Just friends, okay?”

He tried to take a step backward, but was quickly reminded of their location on the tiny transom at the back of the boat. There was nowhere to go. He searched her eyes for some sliver of the truth that had to be lurking there. The only thing he saw reflected in her beautiful eyes was a pleading look of what was almost desperation. Damn. He couldn’t figure this woman out for the life of him, but if she thought she didn’t need him, he’d play along for now. But just long enough to prove to her how wrong she was.

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Books Included in this Series

☑ Shelter by the Sea

☑ Escape the Sun

☑ Hidden in the Sand

**Exclusive Bundle Includes FOUR Free Bonus Scenes!**
PLUS an Exclusive Free Novella!

This bundle is not available anywhere else!

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Main Tropes

- Second Chances
- Single Mom
- Biker
- Billionaires
- Cowboy
- Fake Relationship
- Reluctant to Love
- Small Town
- Over 40 Romance
- Beach
- Vacation Fling
- Celebrity Romance
And so much more!

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